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Zaporozhye State Medical University

Zaporozhye State Medical University

Zaporozhye State Medical University Zaporozhye State Medical University, one of the oldest medical higher institutions of Ukraine , is a self-governing (autonomous) state higher educational establishment of the IV-th (the top) level of accreditation. The University comprises 52 chairs, lyceums, a college, preparatory courses for applicants, the Preparatory (International) department for foreigners, which is one of the oldest in the countries of CIS, science-research divisions, laboratories, a post-diploma department. At the preparatory department for foreign citizens, medical department, pharmaceutical department and also at the stage of post-diploma training more than 5000 thousand students, interns, holders of a master's degree, members of a course, members of clinical studies, post-graduate students, persons working for a Doctor's degree, among them 500 foreign citizens, are being trained. The training is carried on the specialties: General medicine, Pediatrics, Pharmacy. The new specialties Laboratory diagnostics and Technology of perfumery and cosmetic preparations will be opened in the nearest future.

Zaporozhye State Medical University is one of the leading educational establishments of Ukraine. The developed infrastructure, the high level of teaching-studying process, experienced staff, the level of training of specialists, scientific, medical-diagnostics work, material basis; international and social connections testify it.

Zaporozhye State Medical University At present Zaporozhye State Medical University consists of 4 academic buildings, 20 clinics, and 5 students' hostels for 2900 students, 2 canteens, a cafe, the library with more than 580.000 books, a concert hall. There is a unique sport complex with three gyms, a stadium with a football field, track-and-field sectors, sports grounds for handball, mini-football, volleyball, basket-ball, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a shooting-range, a chess-and-draughts club, a fitness-club. The territory of the University is of 12 hectares of park zone, which is situated on the picturesque bank of the river Dnieper and make the campus convenient and comfortable. The University has its own a preventive-treatment dispensary and a sport-health resort on the seaside of the Azov Sea.

At 52 chairs about 70 professors and doctors of science, about 300 assistant-professors and candidates of science, the academicians of native Academies, Honorary workers of science and engineering, Honorary workers of higher institutions of Ukraine, State prize winners are engaged in pedagogical and scientific-research work. The total number of teachers with scientific degrees is above 81,3%. At many chairs their total number is 100%.

The scientific schools of the University are well known outside Ukraine. They are the cardiology school of Academician of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of medical science, Professor Visir A.D., the pharmaceutical school of Professor Mazur I.A., the surgery school of Honorary worker of science and engineering, Professor Nikonenko A.S. For the first time in Ukraine the transplantations of heart, liver, kidney and pancreas were fulfilled by the specialists of this school. More than 500 operations on transplantation are performed there. The scientists of the University are masters of all modern methods applied in leading clinics of the world.

The University has its own medical-diagnosis center.

Zaporozhye State Medical UniversityThe introduction of computer technologies into the teaching-studying process, scientific research, management is one of the Priority University’s activities. At present there are 20 computer classrooms at the University providing students with educational programs based on the multimedia technologies and test controlling courses in the main subjects. The local information net server was organized in the University. The University has unique equipment for conducting fundamental and applied scientific investigations: computer tomography, devices for ultrasonic diagnosis, angiographic and endoscopic checkup, radioisotope diagnosis etc. The material-technical support is the best one among the medical universities of Ukraine.

Recently more than 30 preparations have been worked out by the scientists of the University, produced and brought into medical practice and applied in industry. For the first time in Ukraine the analytical-information system of medical-ecological monitoring was set up. The results of scientific work were reported at international forums in Sweden, Czechia , Spain , Holland , Brazil , Austria . The University has its own scientific editions: “Zaporozhye Medical Journal”, a collection of scientific works “The Actual Problems of Medical and Pharmaceutical Science, a scientific-practical journal “Pathology”.

Tuition Fee

Zaporozhye State Medical UniversityThe training of foreign students is conducted by contract basis. The medium of instruction is the Ukrainian, Russian or English.

The tuition fee for one foreign citizen per year is:

a) International Faculty No 1(Preparatory Faculty) – 1200 USD;
b) International Faculty No 2:

– Specialties “General Medicine” and “Pediatric” (the Ukrainian or Russian medium of instruction):

1–3 years of study – 2800 USD;
4–6 years of study – 3200 USD;

– Specialty “Dentistry” (the Ukrainian or Russian medium of instruction):

1–2 years of study – 3100 USD;
3–5 years of study – 3500 USD;

– Specialties “General Medicine” and “Pediatric” (English medium of instruction):

1–3 years of study – 3900 USD;
4–6 years of study – 4300 USD;

– Specialty “Dentistry” (English medium of instruction):

1–2 years of study – 4200 USD;
3–5 years of study – 4600 USD;


Zaporozhye State Medical UniversityZaporozhye State Medical University looks like a Student campus. Trees, bushes and lawns surrounding the campus, the picturesque banks of the largest river of Ukraine - the Dnieper - promote a favorable climate and conditions for creative studies.Student campus is a detached territory protected by a specialized guard for 24 hours. The teacher's duty is organized in the hostels. The campus and hostels are equipped with the means of video surveillance and control. ZSMU has organized the lighting of adjacent territories at its own expense. The patrolling of the University campus and adjacent territories is conducted by the university guide with the assistance of the police.

There are 5 academic buildings, 5 hostels, scientific and belletristic literature libraries with reading halls and computer rooms, medical centre, student's sanatorium-dispensary, sports center, courts and stadium, some canteens and cafes, shoe repair shop and clothing repair shop on its territory. There is a canteen at the University with Indian cuisine which is very popular with foreign students.

5 student hostels of the University accommodate about 3000 persons; three of them are for foreign citizens. The hostel buildings are of a modern block type and consist of the rooms for 1-2-3 persons with all the conveniences. There are Internet halls in the hostels for foreign citizens. The rooms of the hostels have access to the Internet. There are Indian cultural centre and computer class in hostel No. 1.


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