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Voronezh State Medical Academy

Voronezh State Medical Academy

Voronezh State Medical Academy Welcome to Voronezh State Medical Academy. One of the Top Ten Medical Universities in Russian Federation, the Voronezh State Medical Academy named after N.N. Burdenko is dedicated to Excellence in Education, Research, and Health care. Woven throughout all these pursuits is a strong commitment to public service, a collaborative work ethic, and providing care for our diverse communities.Academy is located in Voronezh, Russia. Since foundation year it has prepared above 40,000 medical specialists, including foreign specialists from 28 countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. Where the Academy is placed in the top 3 higher medical Academy of Russia It is one of the oldest educational institutions of Russia. Its history goes back to 1802, the date of Derpt University which is 1918 moved to Voronezh. In December 1930 the medical faculty of Voronezh University became an independent medical institute consisting of two faculties the faculty of general medicine and the faculty of health. In 1933 the pediatric faculty, in 1957 the faculty of stomatology (dentistry) and 1983 the faculty of continuing education for medical specialists and practicing physicians were added. Medical degrees received at VSMA are recognized worldwide.

In 1992 the international faculty of medical education and the faculty of pre-university training were introduced. As a recognition of its academic excellence and being one of largest scientific-educational & medical diagnostic centers in Russia, the ministry of education awarded the academy status and the institute In the same year, the faculty of advance nursing was established Having an intercollegiate status in previous years the pharmaceutical department has developed its own academic curriculum Voronezh State Medical Academyand became an independent faculty since 2002. During the time of its existence the Faculty prepared more than 40,000 doctors, among them 1200 foreign medical specialists from different countries.

The teaching is provided by 345 faculty members, among those there are 46 Doctors of Medical Science, 190 Ph.D.s in Medicine, 40 Professors and 57 Associate Professors. The Academy maintains contractual relationships with a great number of European higher educational institutions, such as the Medical Faculty of Humboldt University/ Charities University Medicine of Berlin (Germany), Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz Luther University of Halle- Wittenberg (Germany) Chukurova University, Adana (Turkey), etc.

The clinical base of the academy consists of 29 Affiliated hospitals and a network of polyclinics, where medical students gain exposure and practical skills. Annually the members of 39 clinic department carry out above 1,30,000 consultations, perform more than 12,000 surgeries, introduce to practice 90 - 110 new search methods, 120 - 150 treatment methods, and over 30 preventive methods.

Vsma's libraries have over 5,00,000 copies of books. Each student accounts for over 180 copies of tuition literature annually.


Medical degrees received at VSMA are recognized worldwide. The Academy is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, 9th Edition, published by the World Health Organization.VSMA is well-coordinated with the German Medical Association.

Voronezh State Medical Academy Dedication to International Students
In the year of foundation — 1994. International students are offered training in the following programs: «General Medicine», «Pediatrics», «Dentistry» and «Pharmacy». The Academy has educated 1200 specialists from 28 countries of the World. This includes 875 foreign students earning their MD qualification. Among them there are 143 students graduating from the Academy’s Preparatory Department; 614 students were awarded MD Diplomas and 206 were qualified as Pharmacists. There are 84 residency course graduates and 14 postgraduate students defending their PhD theses.

Foreign students are taught in English Language since 2002 onwards,

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee (1st, 2nd & 3rd year) -- 3800 USD (English Medium)
Tuition Fee (4th, 5th & 6th year) -- 3200 USD (Russian Medium)

Hostel fee will range between 300 - 600 USD per annum for an individual depending on the hostel chosen and availability of vacancy. Annual Medical Insurance fee is 200 USD for an individual

Intensive Russian Language Course * 1800 USD

Year of study General Medicine Dentistry Pediatrics Pharmacy
Preparatory Department *1800 *1800 *1800 *1800
1st Academic year 3200 2950 2800 2800
2ndAcademic year 3200 2950 2800 2800
3d Academic year 3200 2950 2800 2800
4th Academic year 3200 2950 2800 2800
5th Academic year 3200 2950 2800 -
6th Academic year 3200 - 2800  

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