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Shenyang Medical College

Shenyang Medical College is a medical institution of higher learning in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, P. R. China. It was formerly known as Shenyang Municipal Advanced Practice Nurse School. Shenyang medical school is approved by the ministry of education full-time undergraduate colleges and universities, the school opened in 1949 and was renamed Shenyang Advanced Medical School, directly managed under the provincial administration, in 1958. It was upgraded to Shenyang Medical College in 1987. The college expanded in size, increased the number of specialties offered and improved in operations. It established a multi-tier education system involving bachelor degree (MBBS) education, advanced diploma education and adult education. It graduated more than 30,000 students.

The campus covers an area of 444,000 square metres (4,780,000 sq ft), while the building itself encompasses 205,000 square meters. Its current fixed assets are valued at 680 million yuan. Among these assets is the library collection, which contains 2,163 different Chinese and foreign periodicals. The college also has six foreign database teachings.

From 2004, the college began to enroll international students, and there are 168 international students from Nepal, India, Pakistan and other countries are studying on campus. The most attractive course MBBS is available there and is English-taught. Besides, the college has seven affiliated hospitals which can offer you great opportunity to practice your ability.

Shenyang Medical College is approved by MOE as qualified to offer MBBS program in English. SMC is also listed in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools and the graduates of MBBS program are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in different countries such as MCI (Medical Council of India), CMC, MMC, NMC, MCC etc.

RMC Educational Service Center assures that students can take admission with full confidence. RMC offers all information and assistance to students who wish to enroll for MBBS course in China (Shenyang Medical College)

Studying in china is an excellent opportunity to explore the world’s unique blend of ancient and modern civilization, as well as its scenic beauty and bustling nightlife. Visit new place with other students from around the world tha you’ll meet and you’ll find yourself opening your eyes not just to China, but to the whole world, China has been offering MBBS education to foreign students for more than fifty five years an d today it ranks one among the top countries of the world that are most sought after by international students for quality MBBS education. The great educational infrastructure in Asia, Cheap cost wise and highly reputed in technology, Engineering, Medicine Wise, the availability on instruction in the English Medium.

China has been one of the best preferred destinations for the Indian or International students to pursue their Medical degree courses.

Tuition Fee of SMC

Tuition fee: RMB 25000/year
Accommodation: RMB 2500-7500/year
Food and Other Expenses is about RMB 7000 per year.


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