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Nantong University

Nantong University

Nantong University Nantong University College of Medicine is located at the end of the Yangtze River, Nantong City, China, 100 km north of Shanghai. Nantong Medical College, stemmed from a private Medical Institute of Nantong, was founded in 1912 by Zhang Jian and his brother Zhang Cha. It was one of the earliest medical colleges in China. Nantong University (NTU) is a comprehensive university with a history of over 100 years.


Nantong University Medical School of Nantong University is as old as this university. Set in 1912, it has become the largest school on campus it was transformed into Nantong Medical College in 1927 and a Medical department of Nantong University (amalgamated from three colleges of agriculture, textile and medicine) in 1928. It was moved to Shanghai In August 1938 and returned home and restored in 1946. During the adjustment of the national higher education in 1952, the medical department was entitled Northern Jiangsu Medical College and renamed as Nantong Medical College in 1956. It came under the joint jurisdiction of China’s Ministry of Transportation and the Jiangsu Provincial Government In 1978. And since Feb. 2002, it has become a college at provincial level. COM-NT comprises 19 majors, including the Faculty of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Preventive Medicine, the Faculty of Pediatrics, the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, the Faculty of Nautical Medicine, the Faculty of Radiation, Diagnostic Medicine, and the Faculty of Professional Medical Training. The college has 60 departments, three research institutes, seven affiliated hospitals, and about 70 teaching (clinical training) hospitals and bases. Nantong Medical College merged along with Nantong Institute of Technology and Nantong Teachers College to form Nantong University on May 18, 2004. However, it traces its history back to the early twentieth century.

Foreign students

Specialties for international students are Chinese Language and Literature, History, International Economy and Trade, Educational Technology, Administrative Management, Business Administration, Public Administration, Nursing, Management of Human Resources, Clinical Medicine (taught in English), Preventive Medicine, Artistic Design, Fine Arts, Music, Education (Education for Primary School).

Nantong UniversitySchool of International Education, Nantong University is established recently in Jan. 2010.and there are around 300 overseas students in the school. As a comprehensive university with a history of over ninety years. Nantong University offers a complete set of disciplines including literature, science, engineering, medicine, pedagogy, economic, law, history, and administration, and it provides an excellent learning environment and convenient living facilities for international students.. The university places its emphasis on training applied talents. All specialties, especially the specialty of clinic medicine and specialties with a focus on Chinese Culture, tradition and language, are available for international students with qualified teaching staff and facilities. NTU is one of the universities which can recruit MBBS students Nantong Universitytaught in English approved by Ministry of Education of P.R.C. For 17 years, the university has successfully organized Chinese training courses for foreign students. The participants in these courses gave high praise to the excellent teaching and high-quality services. The excellent applicants of 2010 batch can apply for “Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship”. Located in the beautiful coastal city of Nantong, Nantong University has 4 beautiful campuses with features of a waterside town. Teaching facilities and accommodation for international students are of high quality and the traffic around is convenient. Nantong, a city with rich cultural heritage and a plenty of humane scenery around the beautiful campuses, is a good place for international students to learn Chinese language, culture and related specialties.

Nantong UniversityThe MBBS program (Clinical Medicine) can be taught in English for international students and it has been approved by the MOE in 2008. Since 2010, 500 international students from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Namibia and Botswana, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Brazil i.e. have taken part in this program. NTU is recognized by WHO and the graduates of MBBS program are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in different countries such as MCI, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS etc.

Main Courses

Biochemistry, Anatomy, Immunology, biochemistry experiment, Immunology experiment Physiology, Infectious Disease, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Surgery Practice, Medical Chinese, Infectious Disease Practice.

Fee Structure

General Medicine – 28000 RMB/Year
Hostel – 7500 RMB/Year


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