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Nanchang University

Nanchang University

Nanchang University Nanchang University is a national university located in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China which was established in 1940 as National Chung-cheng University. Nanchang University is listed among the National Key Universities of China.The location of Nanchang University is the historical cultural city, Nanchang, which enjoys the fame of “a land of massive resources and magical power, and a birth place of creative mind and gifted talents” and “hero city”. Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi, is in favorable geographic circumstances and with convenient transportations and is the only capital city which connects to Yangtze River Delta, Chu Chiang Delta and South-Eastern Economic Region of Fujian. Due to the opening up policy, the tourism of Nanchang has been in rapid development and lots of historical sites have been restored. There are 26 natural scenic places and 78 human scenic sites. Abundant rivers and lakes contributes to a picturesque urban scenery. The surrounding areas possess Lushan Scenic & Historic Interest Area which is the renowned world heritage site, Poyanghu Migratory Bird Nature Reserve and other national-level scenic spots, such as Mt. Dragon & Tiger, Mt. Jinggangshan, Mt. Sanqing etc. Recently, Nanchang has been listed as one of the “10 Most Dynamic Cities”by the American Newsweek, and is considered to have infinite potentials. Nanchang has developed into a popular city home and abroad for visiting, studying and travelling.

NCU is composed of five campuses. Its main campus is located in Nanchang city, the capital city of Jiangxi Province. The main campus occupies an area of 300 hectares and is home to all of its undergraduate students, most graduate students, most research institutes and labs, and most faculty and staff.


The history of Nanchang University could date back to Jiangxi Public Medical School and the National ZhongZheng University also National Chung-cheng University, given by Chiang Kai-shek, then president of the Republic of China which were established in 1921 and 1940 respectively. In the year of 1993, Jiangxi University and Jiangxi Industrial University merged into the new Nanchang University, from when the name was adopted until now. In 1997, Nanchang University was listed among.

the Top 100 key universities in China. In the year of 2004, the agreement on jointly developing Nanchang University was signed between the People's Government of Jiangxi Province and the Ministry of Education. NCU entered a new era of reform and development when it merged with Jiangxi Medical College in 2005.

Academic Program

Nanchang UniversityNCU hosts a graduate school and 21 undergraduate schools including colleges of Liberal Arts, Foreign Language Studies, Art and Design, Law, Economics and Management, the Sciences, Life Science, Material Science and Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Computer Engineering, Education, Medicine, and Software. These schools offer 82 undergraduate majors out of 11 academic disciplines including the liberal arts, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, science, engineering, agriculture, education, general medicine, public health, pharmacy, nursing and four clinical schools. These undergraduate programs have an enrollment of approximately 36,000 full-time students.

Although all the schools offer their own graduate programs, these programs belong to a single graduate school administratively. The NCU Graduate School offers 21 Ph.D. programs and 175 master degree programs with a graduate student body of about 6,800. In addition, NCU has two post-doctoral programs. NCU emphasizes the importance of research.Nanchang University In addition to research labs and centers owned by individual schools, NCU owns and operates 26 national and provincial key laboratories and research centers and 56 basic training centers and professional labs. NCU has a large-scale medical school. Not only does the medical school have a strong research orientation, it has 10 attached hospitals throughout the province. These hospitals accommodate the needs for teaching and internships for students of medicine.

Nanchang University is forging ahead toward the great goal of constructing a nationwide, high-level, domestically and internationally famous research-oriented comprehensive university. We sincerely wish to communicate and cooperate with universities, scientific research organizations, as well as administrative departments from more countries; what’s more, we look forward to welcoming the outstanding students, scholars and teachers abroad to Nanchang University for study and research.

Fee Structures

  • Tuition Fee for MBBS – RMB32000/Year
  • Tuition Fee for PG Courses - RMB50000/Year
  • Living Cost – RMB15000-RMB18000/Year

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