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Hubei University of Medicine

The Hubei University of Medicine is a public university located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China. Founded in 1965, the university was originally known as Wuhan Medical College Yunyang School. The school was established in Yun County, a remote mountain area in the northwest of Hubei Province, and In the spring of 1967, the school was relocated to the Shiyan City, Yunyang, Hubei. In May 2010, the university was renamed the Hubei University of Medicine.

HUM was authorized by the State Council to be qualified of granting Master’s Degrees as well as to enroll international students. After 50 years development, HUM is becoming the premier medical university located in the joint area of central China and west China, the adjacent area of Hubei, Chongqing, Shanxi and Henan province.

HUM’s campus covers 1,175,400 square meters, of which 390,000 square meters are for teaching and administration. HUM has 908 full-time faculties, of which 180 are professors and 277 associate professors.

HUM can educate postgraduate and international students. The Provincial Key Disciplines (Level 1) are Clinical Medicine, Basic Medicine and Nursing. The Involving Disciplines of Chutian Scholar Program Surgery are Internal Medicine, Human Anatomy, Embryology and Anesthesiology. HUM consists of more than 10 laboratories of national or provincial level. In recent years HUM has undertaken 525 research projects, of which 492 papers are cited by SCI. EI, ISTP. The University has published 331 books and textbooks. HUM has also won 52 provincial or ministry awards and has been granted 159 patents. 117 research achievements have passed Achievement Appraisal.

HUM’s enrollment includes 15,000 full-time students. Currently there are more than 200 foreign post graduate and under graduate students from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania are enrolled in the university under different specialties

HUM has the authority to grant Bachelor’s Degrees in medicine, engineering, management and science. There are currently 12 programs for undergraduates including Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Anesthesiology. Anesthesiology and Nursing majors are National Distinction Majors under implementation and Hubei Provincial Brand Majors. Dentistry, Pharmacy and Clinical Medicine are Hubei Provincial Distinction Majors. The five affiliated hospitals are the highest Level Three hospitals in the country, with 6 million out-patients and 300,000 in-patients annually.

HUM has 5 affiliate hospitals, all of which are highest Level 3 hospitals. Taihe Hospital is honored as the Excellent Collectives of National Civilized Unit; National May 1st Labor Award and National People Trusting Hospital. The unique Embryonic Stem Cell Research Center in north-west Hubei Province is also set in the hospital. Dongfeng Hospital is honored as the People Trusting Hospital and National Top 100 Hospital. It is also a qualified hospital to conduct organ transplantation.

Major/Specialty: Clinical Medicine
Degree: Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery
Length of Schooling: 5 years and 1 Year Internship


The objective of the program is to train the undergraduate students to develop basic medical knowledge, standardized clinical skills, and an appropriate professional attitude, that will lay foundation for their further study in medical practice, medical research, health administration, etc.


The students of this program will be found on the basic theory and basic knowledge of medical science. Students will have the basic training of diagnosing, treating and preventing human disease, and should be able to analyze and distinguish the reason and mechanism of common human diseases. The graduates are supposed to engage in disease prevention and the work of clinical medicine.

    In the end of the course the graduates shall obtain the following knowledge and capabilities:
  • The basic theories and knowledge of pre-clinical and clinical medicine.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently-occurring diseases.
  • Primary treatment of emergent, complicated and severe disease.
  • Basic knowledge of preventive medicine.
  • Chinese language proficiency should reach at least HSK level-3.

Core Courses

Basic Medicine and Clinical Medicine

Major Courses

Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology & Parasitological, Community Medicine, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Radiology, etc.

Degree Courses

Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Community Medicine, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics Internship: In the XI and XII semesters

Degree and Diploma: Obtained according to the relevant document of Hubei University of Medicine Affordability: Studying and living in Shiyan City is cheaper than studying and living in other Chinese city.

Hubei University of Medicine is approved by MOE as qualified to offer MBBS program in English. Now about 380 international students from 40 countries are studying on campus.

HUM is listed in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools and the graduates of MBBS program are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in different countries such as CMC, MCI, MMC, NMC, MCC etc.

RMC Educational Service Center assures that students can take admission with full confidence. RMC offers all information and assistance to students who wish to enroll for MBBS course in Hubei University of Medicine

Tuition Fee

General Medicine – 15000 RMB/Year
Hostel Fee – 5000 RMB/Year


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