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Guilin Medical University

Guilin Medical University is a public university, located in the historical and tourist city of Guilin, Guangxi, China. Which is world well-known for its unique beauty of hills and rivers. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine.

Guilin Medical University (GLMU), formerly known as Guilin Senior Nurse Midwifery School, was founded in 1935. It was transformed and renamed as Guilin Medical School in 1958. Approved by the former State Board of Education in 1987, the school was upgraded to a college for medical undergraduates. In 1993, the college was granted to train foreign students and in 2006, it was authorized to conduct graduate programs. GLMU was recognized as an “Excellent University” by the Ministry of Education of China in 2012.

For the past five years, the university has undertaken 945 research projects, 117 of which are national projects, 161 provincial and ministerial projects, 44 science and technology achievement awards at all levels. The university was featured in the "Chinese Medicine" Chinese Academic journal, "China Journal", "Articles Digital Periodicals" online journal, the journal of the American Chemical Abstracts and Guangxi outstanding scientific journal.

It is made up of 3 campuses-----Le Qun, Dong Cheng and Lingui campus.The university's main campus, Dong Cheng, is in the east bank of the Li River near the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts and Guilin University of Technology. It is where the offices such as the International Education Department and the Foreign Languages Department are found. The foreign medical students take their respective classes in this campus.

The biggest campus lies in the beautiful Lingui District. Lingui campus has an area wide enough to cater to the students enrolled in the university. Surrounded with a lake, tall trees and colorful flowers, it provides an eco-friendly environment to teachers, students and visitors alike.

GLMU has 20 secondary college departments, six affiliated hospitals, 23 clinical teaching laboratories, and 94 classrooms for teaching practice.

Guilin Medical University gives priority to clinical medicine and integrates pharmacy, biotechnology, medical assay, and nursing. It is a multi-major university developed harmoniously with a strong comprehensive power and a definite influence in and out of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. GLMU takes an active part in the international exchanges and cooperation, and is one of the earliest institutions of higher learning accredited by the former State Education Committee.

At present, GLMU accommodates Chinese and International students from Southeast Asia namely Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and Thailand under the undergraduate and graduate degrees.


  • College of Biotechnology
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Basic Medicine
  • College of Clinical Medicine
  • Second College of Clinical Medicine
  • Third College of Clinical Medicine
  • College of Clinical Medicine at Nanxi Shan
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Further Education

Why Study in Guilin Medical University

  • Located in the world famous scenic city of Guilin
  • Excellent studying and living environment
  • Highly qualified, internationally experienced staff devoted to serving the university
  • Affordable tuition fee and low living cost (Easy, cheap and Flexible)
  • Focus on the quality of teaching and learning outcomes
  • Convenient transportation connections to East and Southeast Asia

Guilin Medical University is approved by MOE as qualified to offer MBBS program in English. Now about 300 international students from 40 countries are studying on campus.

GMU is listed in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools and the graduates of MBBS program are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in different countries such as CMC, MCI, MMC, NMC, MCC etc.

RMC Educational Service Center assures that students can take admission with full confidence. RMC offers all information and assistance to students who wish to enroll for MBBS course in Guilin Medical University, China.

Tuition Fee

General Medicine – 16000 RMB/Year
Hostel Fee – 2500 RMB/Year


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